How to unlock FPS in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has stunning graphics. When Genshin was being created, Mihoyo first claimed that Breath of the Wild served as inspiration. They gradually branded the images as their own over time. Genshin has a lot to offer in terms of graphics, from the stunning Liyue mountains to the incredible Sumeru forests. Players' inability to boost the FPS in their games is one minor gripe they have. Fortunately, workarounds have been discovered, and that can be resolved with a minor modification.

How to unlock FPS | Boost FPS Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact typically runs at a maximum frame rate of 60. It also comes in 30 and 45 FPS options. However, there are workarounds available through a variety of reliable FPS unlockers that are available online. Make sure to double examine the ones you select because certain FPS unlockers have been known to include Trojan viruses. The one that will be primarily covered in this guide is genshin-fps-unlock.

before make sure you have the Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable (x64) and .NET Framework 4.8 installed

You first have to visit its Github page to obtain the required files here.

If it is your first time running, unlocker will attemp to find your game through registry. If it failes then it will ask you to either browse or run the game.

Make sure your game is closed, the unlocker will automatically start the game for you

Now you can choose what fps limit you want, after that jus click click start game and enjoy genshin impact at high frame rates! the program does have additional settings if you click the "options" button like game procces priority for improved performance, fullscreen, custom resolution and more.


Genshin Impact FPS Unlocker

This tool helps you to unlock the 60 fps limit in the game

This is an external program uses WriteProcessMemory to write the desired fps to the game

Handle protection bypass is already included

Does not require a driver for R/W access

Supports OS and CN version

Should works for future updates

If the source needs to be updated, I'll try to do it as soon as possible

You can download the compiled binary over at 'Release' if you don't want to compile it yourself